Hydrophilic Silicone Softener Casofter-1577Q

Product Summary

Casofter-1577Q is a bulky, hydrophilic and modified silicone softener with special reactive functional group capable of reacting with bridging produce fiber products which achieve durable effect on COTTON and cotton blended fabric. Since silicone oil is generally poor in temperature and alkali resistance, it cannot be used in the cylinder, but Casofter-1577Q is completely improve this shortcoming which can be used in the dye vat. It is particularly suitable for the Cheese dyeing without silicone spots. Especially, due to their special modified, Casofter-1577Q has functional groups which can repair color.
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Composition…..Modified silicone derivative Solid content(%)    …….20 ± 1%
Appearance……Transparent yellow liquid Ionic……………...........……Nonionic
pH(2%)………...5.5 ± 1 Solubility…………........….Easily soluble in water



  1. Excellent smooth, bulky and soft hand feeling without greasy hand feeling.
  2. Low dosage 2~5g/L with soft hand feeling.
  3. With rapid moisture and sweat absorption, it won’t affect the natural hydrophilic ability of cotton and its blends.
  4. After padding with 170ºC high temperature or store for a long time, it will keep its hydrophilic ability.
  5. Casofter-1577Q can increase the flexibility of fibers. Especially for knitting fabric.
  6. Nearly self-emulsifying properties, excellent shear stability and pH stability.
  7. Excellent washing durability for domestic washing. Especially for cellulosic fiber.
  8. Nearly no yellowing properties in white fibers.



Finishing process for woven or knitted fabric                 

Padding: Casofter-1577Q   20~40 g/L  130ο C dry          

Exhaust: Casofter-1577Q   3~5% ( o.w.f )                         

(winch)ratio→1:10 – 20、(50~60°C) for 20mins        


Hank or cheese

Casofter-1577Q   2~4% ( o.w.f )

Adjust pH value   ( 4 ~ 5 )

(50~60°C) for 20mins


If you want to use the same machine to dye, please use alkali cleaner to clean the bath, or it might have stained spot.




If you use Casofter-1577Q in dyeing bath, do not let the temperature over 80℃, or it might become white paste form to pollute the bath.



Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest you to keep goods in cool and dry place.