The reason why it causes static is that when two objects rub against each other, the free electrons on the surface of objects often interface with each other constantly in circulation. The excellently conductive objects will cause extra electrons overflow and disappear in the contact point. The poor conductive objects are easy to produce static, such as synthetic fibers due to the low hygroscopicity. Under the same conditions, the priority order of fibers’ static generation is polyester fiber > vinalon > nylon > acrylic fiber > silk > wool > rayon > cotton. The polyester fiber is the most easiest one to cause static which tends to have dusts and oil stain.

The method to antistatic

First, we process the hydrophilic substances (antistatic) on fiber surface in order to enhance the material hydrophilicity, which gives the fabric moisture.

Using auxiliary: Casofter-252、Casofter-252NH、Casofter-253

Second, we increase the smoothness of fiber surface to reduce the surface friction coefficient of fabric, and prevent from causing static.

Using auxiliary: Calubriter-160、Calubriter-168、Calubriter-260、Calubriter-360

Third, we use ionic substances to neutralize the electrical resistance, and use ionization to increase the conductivity.