Product compliance certificate for H&M
                               We herewith confirms that the following products,
comply to “ H&M Chemical Restrictions-Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL)
version 2.0 May 2016' and H&M Chemical Restrictions- Restricted Substance List (RSL)
Chemical Products-Global Compliance Department Jan.1, 2017


1.CASCOUR 610 NOF - Scouring /Wetting agent and versatile usage from desizing to soaping processfor cotton knits & woven
2.CADISPER C-1054 - Sequestering agent for pre treatment/dyeing & good anti tarnishing/aftersoaping agent for cotton knits/woven.
3.CABLEACH 1040 – Stabilizing agent for peroxide bleaching for cotton & cotton blends & suitablefor both knits /woven
4.CABLEACH 1044(12.5 L) – Enzymatic residual peroxide killer for cotton knits & woven.
5.CASOFTER 256A&B - Dyeing/dispersing/Crease inhibitor for all fabrics
6.CALEVER 540 – Leveling agent for cotton knits
7.CADISPER SAW-2 – Non foaming soaping agent for reactive dyed articles of both knits/woven
8.CAFIX A-17 - Dye fixing agent to improve the fastness of material dyed with direct/reactive/sulphur & other anionic dyes for knits/woven.
9.CASOFTER 150 CWS – Cold water soluble cationic softener for cotton & its blends of knits &woven
10.CASOFTER 250 - Finishing softener for all kind of textiles(knits & woven), gives gloss ,smoothhand feel & improves tearing strength as well.

11.CASOFTER-550 – Silicone micro emulsion for all kind of fabrics with silk –like feel
12.CASOFTER 1250 – Macro silicone softener with elastic hand for all kind of textiles
13.CASOFTER 1577Q –Hydrophilic silicone softener for cotton/cotton blends


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