Leveling agent is an auxiliary which adds in the fabric and fiber dyeing, and it is able to dye evenly on the fiber’s surface and spread to the inside of the fiber, so the color of the dyed fabric showed evenly colored light and glamor.

There are two kinds of Leveling dyeing:

The first one is particularly, in the early stages of the dyeing, making dyes’ movement to fiber slows down, so dyes also slow the rate of dyeing, and the dyeing rate will sharply increase as the dyeing temperature rises up. It will make the dye focus on the partial area, so we use retarding ability to slow down dyes’ movement, and make the dye dyeing more evenly. The second is when it dyes unevenly, we make the dye move from the area which is coloring too much (color depth) to less color (light color) parts, so the dye can be evenly distributed to the fiber surface, and allowed to spread to the inside of the fiber. This leveling dyeing which makes uneven parts more even called migration.