Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer Cableach-1040A

Product Summary

Cableach-1040A is a non-sodium silicate low foaming hydrogen peroxide stabilizers. It can effectively control the rate of hydrogen peroxide decomposition activity to enhance oxygen bleaching effect, and not only make the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide achieve the best efficiency but also avoid excessive residual hydrogen peroxide causing the fibers embrittlement or dyeing obstacles. Owing to silicate-free sodium, there is no residual problem of silicates. It has excellent penetration effect and no foaming, so it is suitable for one bath scouring and bleaching in jet dyeing machine.
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Composition ……Special Anionic Surfactants Solid content(%) ………25 ± 2%
Appearance …….Light yellow transparent liquid Ionic ……………........Anionic
pH(2%) ……......12.5 ± 1 Solubility………Easily soluble in water



1. In hydrogen peroxide bleaching treatment, it can inhibit the activity of hydrogen peroxide decomposition and oxygen. It also works catalyst role with impurities and metal in the water to consume hydrogen peroxide and enhance the bleaching effect.

2. It can make the fibers hydrophilic.

3. It can remove the silicate attached in the fibers, avoid pinholes and improve the sewing properties.

4. It isn’t affected by the hard water, stable in the acid and alkali and no foam.

5. It is different to the traditional silicate saults which will cause the mechanically sticky problem.



(Note: If you want better effect, Cableach-1040A should be added prior to other chemicals)

Cableach-1040A is suitable for exhaust bleaching. The general usage is 1~3 g/l, but if you want the high whiten effect, the usage is half of Hydrogen Peroxide.


Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.