Acid Fixing Agent Cafix A-22

Product Summary

Cafix A-22 is a new product of water soluble high polymer compound which is different from Cafix A-20 and tannic acid. Before using Cafix A-20, we suggest you adjust the pH value to 5 by acetic acid or formic acid which can make Cafix A-20 works and won’t cause the fixing spot. Cafix-22 is acid base. If your usage is around 2 ~ 5%, you don’t have to add acetic acid and formic acid. Cafix A-22 can improve washing fastness and no shade change.
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Composition…Aromatic polymer compound Solid content(%)…. 51 ± 2%
Appearance…..Dark brown liquid Ionic …................... Weak anionic
pH(2%)………4.0 ± 1    Solubility ............... Easily soluble in water



  1. Low foam, one bath fixing agent and easy applications which no need to adjust pH by acetic acid and formic acid.
  2. Low temperature process could has excellent effect which is suitable for all kinds of dyeing machine.
  3. Cafix A-22 can be compatible with anionic and nonionic surfactants.
  4. After steaming, using Cafix A-22 in painting process could be anti-back stain in white fabric.
  5. Cafix A-22’s effect won’t be affected by the steam and sofetenr processing.
  6. Cafix A-22 won’t color nylon fiber, no shade change and it won’t cause bad influence in light fastness.



  1. The dosage depends on the color of dyes.

        Light color : 1 ~ 2% (o.w.f.)

        Middle color : 2 ~ 4% (o.w.f.)

        Dark color : 4 ~ 5% (o.w.f.)


  1. Application of fixing agent:

        When applying Cafix A-22 in 2 ~ 5% (o.w.f.), you don’t have to adjust pH because the pH value will be in 4.0 to 5.0.

        If the concentration lower than 1% (o.w.f.), you have to add some acetic acid and fomic acid to adjust pH.

        Fixing condition  90℃ × 20~30 minsd

        In re-dyes and strip the color process, we suggest to use 1 ~ 3 g/L ammonia and Cascour-810A(alkali soaping agent)0.5 ~ 1 g/L and 90℃  for 15 ~ 20 mins to get rid of the fixing agent.



  1. If you leveling agent for dyeing is cationic, you need to washing completely or it will cause fixing spot on the fabric.
  2. If the water hardness is very high, it will also cause fixing spot. In addition, metal salts and neutral salts usage no more than 30g/L.


Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place