Acid Fixing Agent Cafix A-20

Product Summary

Cafix A-20 is a new products which has excellent wet fastness and color fastness for Nylon. CafixA-20 does not only has no shade change but also can increase the soft hand feeling.
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Composition…Aromatic high molecular polymer Solid content(%)…. 92 ± 2 %
Appearance….. Brown powder Ionic …................... Anionic
pH(2%)………9.0 ± 1 Solubility ............... Easily soluble in water



  1. Cafix A-20 has excellent wet fastness for nylon in one bath production.
  2. Cafix A-20 doesn’t affect Nylon’s physical properties which the hand feeling will be softer than tannic acid.
  3. Cafix A-20 does not color nylon fiber, so it has very low shade change during the process of dyeing, and it won’t cause bad influence in light fastness.
  4. In steam setting process, there is no fastness decrease during the temperature in 180℃.
  5. Low foam.




  1. After dilution, add Cafix A-20 in bath, adjust pH value 4 to 4.5 and make the temperature around 90℃ for 20 ~ 30mins washing.

        Cafix A-20’s usage depends on the concentration of dyes. The normal usage is around 1 ~ 5% (o.w.f.)。

  1. In re-dyes and strip the color process, we suggest to use 1 ~ 3 g/L ammonia and Cascour-810A(alkali soaping agent)0.5 ~ 1 g/L and 70 ~ 80℃ for 15 ~ 20 mins to get rid of the fixing agent.



Packing and storage

Net in 25 kg bags. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place