High Temperature Dispersing Agent Cadisper-700

Product Summary

Cadisper-700 is an excellent high temperature dyeing dispersing agent for polyester and its blends which especially applies in dyeing yarns. It can prevent from dyeing agglomeration and different color in inner and outer side.
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Composition…Alkyl Sulfonated Derivative Solid content(%)….55± 2 %
Appearance…..Transparent and light yellow liquid Ionic …...................Anionic / Nonionic
pH(2%)………7.5± 1 Solubility ............... Easily soluble in water



  1. Cadisper-700 is very stable in high temperature. Especially, you can prevent dyeing agglomeration and different color in inner and outer side.
  2. Excellent leveling in dyeing and no reducing final dyeing concentration.
  3. Very economical and low dosage .
  4. Cadisper-700 cannot only make the fabric brighter and vivid but also increase washing, rbbing and sublimation fastness.
  5. It has great effect in acetate fiber, polyamide fiber, acryl fiber dyeing of the disperse dyes.
  6. 6. It’s very suitable applying in polyester, 100% synthetic fiber and its blends.




The suitable usage depends on the treated material, situation and dyeing methods.

Normally, the usage is 0.5~2.0 g/L.



Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.