Anti-Crease Agents for Synthetic Fiber Casofter-252

Product Summary

Casofter-252 is for synthetic fiber, such as POLYESTER、NYLON、ACRYLIC and its blends. Casofter-252 is a softener in dyeing bath which can prevent creases and water lines.
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Composition…Polyester polymer resin Solid content(%)…. 100%
Appearance..... Milk yellow solid Ionic ….................... Anionic / Nonionic
pH(2%)…..…..7.0 ± 1 Solubility…. Easily soluble in hot water



  1. Caosfter-252 has long-term softener effect in Polyester and Nylon fiber.
  2. Casofter-252 has leveling effect which can add in the dyeing bath to prevent creases and water lines.
  3. Casofter-252 has excellent lubricant effect.
  4. Casofter-252 has anti-stain effect in the dyeing and soaping for polyester, natural fibers and its blends.


Dilution method:(15% solution

  1. Add 80℃ hot water and 252 in the dilution tank, and Keep temperature in the 70~80℃. Do not over 80℃. Stir up rapidly for 30~60 minutes till it’s completely dissolved.
  2. Cool down to 40℃ below and add 0.1% preservative Cafinish W-15. Stir up for 10 minutes.



  1. The fastness will decrease during dipping process for polyester fiber. Please check before use.
  2. Excellent compatibility with all kinds of auxiliaries. Please do not mix together with original liquid.


Packing and storage

Net in 25 kg in carton. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.