Casofter A-210

Product Summary

Casofter A-210 developed for all kinds of blended materials such as terpolons, nylon, cotton and wool. There is no color change and yellowing in addition to good water absorption. Casofter A-210 has excellent compatibility with varieties of resins, slurries, inorganic salts, fluorescent (but no cationic materials).
Casofter A-210 is a wide range of softener which can be used in the bath to prevent the cloth crease, after dyeing ,and increase the hand feeling and water absorption. Caosfter A-210 can also be used in the finishing process with a variety of resins, processing agents, fixing agent.
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Composition…Fatty Acid Sulfated Derivative Solid content(%)…. 90 ± 1%
Appearance.....Brown paste Ionic …....................Anionic
pH(2%)…..…..7.0 ± 1 Solubility…. Easily soluble in warm water



  1. Low foam.
  2. Acid, alkali, hard water, high concentration neutral salt durable. Casofter A-210 can be very stable in oxidation or reduction agent.
  3. Casofter A-210 can be used with fluorescence and no yellowing issue.
  4. Anti-static, lubricant, soft and excellent microbial decomposition.
  5. Casofter A-210 is hydrophilic ability which has excellent water and sweat absorption.
  6. No irritation for the skin.
  7. 7. Casofter A-210 has excellent compatabitliy with anionic dyes.
  8. 8. Biodegradability is very excellent.



Dilution methods:(Dilute to 10% liquid, total 100kg)

  1. Add A-210 11kg and 80℃ hot water 11kg, and heat till the A-210 completely soluble.
  2. Slowly add 70℃ hot water 40 kg and slowly stir up till dissolve.
  3. Finally, add normal water 38 kg and stir up slowly till completely dissolve. Add 100kg preservative.
  4. Use filter to filter the finished goods. After cool, seal with cover.


ApplicationCasofter A -210 10% liquid basis

  1. Sizing process

       In the dilution of the finished starch, add the goods 5 ~ 10g / L to prevent broken yarn and increase the lubrication effect,so starch sizing film will be more flexible and less brittle.

  1. Soft yarn application

       After the use of yarn dyeing can be assigned to the gloss of the yarn, and to prevent broken yarn when winding. The normal dosage is:

        Bath ratio  1 : 5 up         1~2g/L          45~50℃ × 20 mins

        Bath ratio  1 : 5 up         1~2g/L          45~50℃ × 20 mins

  1. Cotton processing

        Add 5~10%(o.w.s.) to give the cotton more gloss and to help sewing in the garment production.

  1. Raising agent

        Add 2 ~4% (o.w.f.) to make the fabric fluff and fabric more absorbent.

  1. Leveling agent

        Add 2~4g/L to make cotton and rayon more soft and leveling.

  1. Anti-wrinkle treatment

        Add 2~4g/L to prevent wrinkle in the WINCH and JET machine.

  1. Garment, underwear, denim and towel cloth.

        Special washing process(for example: enzyme reduction process)Add 3 ~ 5%(o.w.f.) with fluorescence to prevent from affecting the whitening effect.(Normal cationic softener will decrease the whitening effect and cause yellowing issue)


Packing and storage

Net in 20 kg in carton. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.