Product Summary

Normally, anti-creasing agents in bath is oil and wax form which are cheap, but can’t endure the alkali. In the contrast, synthetic type of anti-creasing agents can endure alkali, but the hand feeling are not good. Altogether, Casofter-256 is a macromolecule anti-creasing agent which is no foam, excellent hand feeling and can endure alkali.
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Composition…..High polymer                                  Solid content(%)….100 ± 1%

Appearance……White powder                                  Ionic……………...Anionic/Nonionic

pH(2%)………...7.0 ± 1                                           Solubility………Easily soluble with alcohols



1. Casofter-256 is an excellent lubricant in bath, and it can be easily washed with water

2. Casofter-256 is no foam,enduring high temperature, enduring alkali, anti-creasing, no yellowing, enduring friction and good compatible with other    


3. We recommend you use in thick fabric, easy friction fabric and low bath ratio dyes.。

    4. Casofter-256 can save the cost. Because Casoter-256’s excellent lubricant effect, it can have high effect and efficiency though the usage is very low.

    5. Increasing mercerizing effect and efficiency.



Normally, We suggest to use 3~5%  o.w.f.  (Base on 1% solution)


Packing and storage

Net in 25 kg in carton. Storage time 6 months,

We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.