Product Summary

Casofter-254 is designed for cotton and T/C fabric in bath of anti-creasing agent. Normal anti-creasing agents which are polyester oligomer type are hard to endure high concentration alkali, such as mirabilite and salt, so it’s only anti-creasing for synthetic fibers. Casofter-254 can endure alkali to 120G/L up which is pH 12 and low foam. It is excellent anti-creasing agent for cotton and CVC.
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Composition…..Alkyl alcohol phosphorylated derivatives    Solid content(%)….40 ± 1%

Appearance……Brown clear liquid                                     Ionic……………...Anionic/Nonionic

pH(2%)………...7.0 ± 1                                                    Solubility………Easily soluble in water



  1. For a variety of high density or high twist yarn, cooton and CVC fabric to prevent squeeze wrinkles, chicken lines and abrasions.
  2. Instead of affecting dyestuff’s adhesion, it can increase the leveling effect.
  3. Low foam.
  4. Low COD value



Generally speaking, lots of people test softness effect to test if the anti-creasing agent’s quality, but actually, it totally incorrect, because softener only can increase the lubricant ability for the fabric in the dyeing machine. If it is in the low bath ratio and high density, strong right hand twisted yarn’s effect is not obvious.

Casofter-254 uses the principle of swelling to enhance the dye area and achieve the purpose of anti-creasing. It’s not traditional softener without softness. You can observe the molecule’s change in the microscope in the dyeing process. After dyeing, you can know the differences by testing the resistivity of the fiber.



It depends on which type of fiber you apply in. Normal dosage is 1-3g/L for your reference.


Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,

We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.