Product Summary

Casofter-250 is a softener and lubricant for synthetic fiber, natural fiber and its blends with excellent compatibility, strong lubricant and softener effect.
  • Product Content


Composition…Polymer fatty alcohol derivatives

Solid content(%)…. 100%

Appearance..... White flake Ionic ….................... Nonionic
pH(2%)…..…..8.5 ± 1 Solubility…. Easily soluble in hot water



  1. CASFOTER-250 can be easily disperse in 80℃hot water and formed very stable emulsion.
  2. CASFOTER-250 can be used with anionic or cationic softener or with other finishing agent.
  3. CASFOTER-250 exerts no bad influence on the dyed or white fabrics.
  4. CASFOTER-250 imparts smooth, soft hand to all fabrics.
  5. CASFOTER-250 shows better softening effect in comparison with other type nonionic softeners.


Application (10% solution)

  • CASFOTER-250 can be applied to textiles by exhausting or Padding process. A suitable treating temperature is from room temperature to about 50~60℃ x 15~20 min. amount about 2~5%(o.w.f.).
  • 2.On the finish process the treating dosage depends upon the different kinds of textiles and their uses. CASFOTER-250 is usually applied at 10~30g/l aqueous solution.


  1. Padding:

        Casofter-250 (10%) 20 ~ 40 g/L ⟹ Pre-dry100℃ ⟹ Setting150 ~ 170℃ × 60 ~ 90 sec.

  1. Dipping:

        Casofter-250 (10%) 3 ~ 5(o.w.f.) Bath ratio:1:10    50 ~ 60℃ × 20 min. ⟹ Pre-dry


Packing and storage

Net in 25 kg / PP bag. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.