Product Summary

Calubriter-460 is a a polyethylene wax emulsion which can be applied in fabric and resin as lubricant and softener. As a lubricant for fiber and resin, it can increase tear strength of fabric and enhance excellent hand feeling.
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Composition…Polyethylene wax Emulsions Solid content(%)…. 40 ± 2%
Appearance..... Light yellow translucent emulsion Ionic …................... Nonionic
pH(2%)…..…..8.5 ± 1 Solubility ............... Easily soluble in water



  1. Traditional lubricant is PE wax mixing with emulsion white liquid 1~5U particles size. (If the particles size bigger than 1U, it will become milky white because it can reflect the light.) If the particles are too big, it can’t mix with resin evenly, it won’t improve the tear strength of fabric, cover evenly on the fabric surface and cause chalk powder on the surface. Calubriter-460 use high temperature micro emulsion technology to solve those traditional problems which can be stable more than 1 year.
  2. Calubriter-460 can increase the lubricant effect, glossiness and bulky effect. If you mix with resin, it can not only improve the lubricant but also increase the lubricant and water repellent.
  3. Calubriter-460’s nonionic which can combine with any kinds of resin and catalyst.
  4. Calubriter-460 can combine with optical brightener and won’t reduce its whiteness.




The usage depends on the fabric. Calubriter-460’s normal dosage is 0.4 ~ 1.2% (o.w.f.)

  1. T/C resin process: Melamine resin 3 ~ 5% or acrylic resin  2 ~ 3%  catalyst  0.3%
  2. (Endure Wash & Wear):    Glyoxzal resin 5 ~ 7% or acrylic resin  2 ~ 3%  catalyst  0.5%
  3. Wash and wear process(P.P process):Urea resin 10 ~ 15% or acrylic resin  2 ~ 3%  catalyst 1.5%


Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.