Product Summary

Cascour-410SN is a surfactant for lycra in pretreatment process of scouring, soaping process scouring/dyeing and reduction cleaning.
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Composition…Alkyl Alcohol Derivative Solid content(%)…. 47 ± 1%
Appearance.....Colorless thick liquid Ionic …………........Nonionic
pH(2%)…..…..7.0 ± 1 Solubility…. Easily soluble in water



  1. Cascour-410SN has emulsifier ingredients which can effectively remove unclean oil, oil, stain and wax, etc.
  2. Cascour-410SN is hydrogen peroxide durable. It can remove knitting oil.
  3. For synthetic fibers and their natural fiber blended knitted fabrics, special polyester Lycra and nylon Lycra, its knitted oil content less than 3%, can be refined / dyeing a bath to complete, at the same time has a good ability of dyeing dispersion.
  4. Low foam for rapid dyeing machine.。
  1. Cascour-410SN can be used as reduction cleaning to remove oligomer in the fabric surface and increase the rubbing fastness.
  2. Cascour-410SN can be used with alkali, soda ash and phosphate in the scouring pretreatment process and soaping process.
  3. Do not affect the dispersion, acid and dyeing color in gold containing dyes and fastness.


Packing and storage

Net in 120 kg in PE drum. Storage time 6 months,We suggest keep goods in cool and dry place.